Option 1:  

We Pick, Pack and Ship from our warehouse

We make things easy for you!

Step 1- Activate... 

Connect with us to activate your fundraiser. We will send you everything you need: order forms, sales material, as well as your group's codes for online ordering.

Step 2- Distribute & Sell...

Distribute your order forms to your participants (sellers) and run your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks. Orders can be placed via the paper order form or our online order form. (click here)

Step 3- Collect & Close...

Collect all paper order forms, cash, and cheques, and submit forms to us for processing. We do all the data entry and reporting for you!

Step 4- Receive Delivery...

We will work closely with you to confirm a shipping date with a tracking number. Deliveries are always free with an order of 12 items or more. For items under 12 sets we charge a flat rate of $10 to anywhere in the USA.  We take pride in our on-time delivery performance.  

Products Available for Fundraisers and Online Parties


1800 Bed Sheets -Softest on the market

Our 1800TC sheets are the ultimate in luxury and softness! This series is guaranteed to be the softest, most comfortable sheet set you can buy on the market today.   Reward  yourself with this unparalleled sleeping experience.  We offer 24 different colors to choose from.


assorted a.jpg
1800 assorted B.jpg

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows

Did you know Bamboo is a healing element and promotes a good nights sleep? Ancient Chinese medicine used bamboo to heal all kinds of ailments. People in frequent contact with bamboo experience increased strength, rest, stamina and virility. Our Pillows may reduce snoring, neck pain, back pain, headaches. Comes with an adjustable pillow and zippered cover.



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pillow pic.jpg

Extra Pillow Cases

If you would like additional pillow cases for your set of sheets we have 2-paks available for you to purchase. If you're the type that likes lots of pillows on their bed, we've got you covered! Available in all colors of 1800 sheets. 




Reading Pillows

Our Reading Pillows are made from memory foam and are the largest on the market. This product is designed to cradle your body and feel like a warm, anxiety reducing hug, as it comforts and cushions your head, neck, back and your arms. This is the perfect back pillow for many uses such as reading in bed, breastfeeding baby, playing video games on the floor, resting on a sofa after a hard days work.  Its smooth fabric cover and fluffy premium shredded foam filling are sure to both pamper and rejuvenate you. This is the one pillow that fixes your posture as you relax...leaving you refreshed, energized and more than ready to face the day!

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