Option 2:  

You buy by the case, you have access to more items, you save more money, you distribute the product

Purchase the product in bulk and save

Step 1- Get pricing... 

Contact us for distributors pricing on items available. We will send you an order form. You will have access to all our our branded items.

Step 2- Purchase...

Order as many cases of different items that you like. Create and distribute your own order forms to your fundraisers. Pack and ship their orders. 

Products Available for Distribution

Softest Bed Sheets on the Market

We have 20 colors available for you to order. Cases can come as SOLID QTY 12 or assorted option A or B below.  Sheets can be ordered in all sizes including: King, Cali King, Split King, Queen, Full, Twin. 

Colors variable to order as solid are: Taupe, Chocolate, Burgundy, Camel, Cream, White, Gray (charcoal), Sage, Light Blue, Navy, Eggplant, Silver, Blue Haven, calla Green, Rust, Teal, Lavender, Mellow Yellow, Beach Blue, Black, Pink. 

assorted a.jpg
Assorted A Case
1800 assorted B.jpg
Assorted B Case
Solid Case Colors